Private Sector Services

The Private Sector Service Division of FMS grew out of our extensive experience and expertise working with all types of consumer receivables – from credit grantors to asset management firms. We have directed these proficiencies toward a goal of providing services for students who take out student loans from non-governmental sources. Our sole focus is the Education Sector. 

The growing problem of private education loan debt has begun to catch the attention of Congress, the Consumer Finance Protection Board, the Inspectors General, educational institutions, commercial banks, colleges, parents, and student groups. The only proper way to handle this attention is to keep the focus exactly where it belongs — on the student. By ensuring that all practices are ethical, effective for the business, and most importantly student-centric, we find that we can resolve problems almost as soon as they arise. 

FMS’ Private Sector Division is capable of handling all functions in the loan repayment life cycle — from first party servicing and billing to debt collection activities. 

FMS has developed an extremely successful non-confrontational approach to loan resolution that ensures both the dignity of the consumer and compliance with the myriad laws and regulations. Our compliance program delivers results while focus on an ongoing goal of zero complaints or violations; our employee retention rate is over 70 percent; and we are top ranked amongst all our clients. 

Students can depend on being able to work out a repayment arrangement, understand their overall obligation, be aware of their rights and responsibilities, and be treated with dignity and care. 

Clients can depend on our results with regard to compliance, deliverables, and a focus on your business. We are here to serve your needs with an adaptability and agility that is akin to the technology industry.



Service Approach