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Over the last several years, the focus on consumer debt has moved from credit cards and auto loans to the cost of education. Students are forced to continue borrowing more from the government and private entities to fund their education. It is no surprise that most student defaults are due to legitimate problems with the repayment process.


In 2009, FMS ended all other collection and call center operations to focus entirely on the Education sector. This narrow focus has led to a level of specialization that delivers impressive results to our clients – and even more importantly, best in class services to the students we service.


Today, FMS works primarily on large portfolios of government-held and government-guaranteed student loans. Our services are not just providing results for the students, we assist in resolving their repayment issues. They provide tremendous benefits to the nation’s taxpayers as well. Recovery of these debts now provides a foundation for loans in the future, not to mention helping to keep interest rates down for all the new students who need loans.


Our approach is to make sure that students are provided with the best information, the best tools, and the best servicing so that they can make the best decision on how to repay their loans. Our technology, training, and specialization allows our staff to be the most informed, qualified counselors available to students, even as we perform debt collection activities.


As the total outstanding student loan debt exceeds $1 trillion, we continue to focus on helping one borrower at a time.




Solutions for our Government Clientele

As a longtime GSA contract holder,  FMS’ services are available under our GSA Schedule–GS-23F-0063J.


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For each portfolio managed, FMS assigns a dedicated team whose sole responsibility is to manage their particular client’s accounts. Each team is fully trained on the client’s specific scope of work and is led by a management team versed in the client’s line of business and performance expectations.